Guy Stuff

I pretty much consider the garage Drew’s territory, mostly because when I was a kid (and heck, even now), that’s where my Dad had his workshop. (Though now my dad also has his own tool annex out back!). Anyway… due to this whole idea that someone would buy our house, half of our garage was repurposed into storage for things that we wanted to donate, or baby things that would be given away to people we know. But now that we’re not sure a sale will happen, Drew’s been looking at workbenches and trying to figure out how he wants to organize the workshop area of the garage. We looked at some benches yesterday at Sam’s and they were decent, but he could also use a good garage storage system, too. Something like this workbench with drawers and cabinets would be exactly what he wants, I bet. (Though it’s priced way above our budget!). Still, as much as I dream about furnishing my house from high-end retailers, I’m sure guys would drool over the stuff at Car Guy Garage.

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