Maybe it’s because I’m crabby today, but something a customer just said really aggravated me. She bought five bottles of wine and I asked if she wanted me to put them in a box so they’d be easier to carry. She told me that she’d prefer bags because “they changed the recycling rules in [her town] and it’s just too confusing” so she’s “not going to bother anymore.” WTF? How hard is it to cut up some cardboard and place it on the curb on recycling day? I cannot imagine that the town’s rules for recycling are that hard to follow. I swear, some of the pampered women make me crazy. They won’t mind spending hours researching the best doctor for their Botox treatment or looking for the top diet pills, but goodness — spending 10 minutes sorting out the recycling is just too hard.


I should have suggested she start carrying around her own cloth shopping bags.

3 thoughts on “Grr!

  1. carol Post author

    The bags are plastic so I am *hoping* that she at least drops them off at the grocery store or other chain store that has the plastic bag recycling pins, but yeah… I have a feeling it will all go in the garbage. It really makes me angry! And I’m angry at myself now for not saying something. I don’t know what I could have said because, obviously, you don’t want to make a customer upset either, but… Frustrating.

  2. Amy

    It’s funny you mentioned recycling, Gary told me today that our across-the-street neighbors set stuff out at the curb for the recycling truck for the very first time this morning. I’d never noticed, but since he pointed it out I can’t figure out why they weren’t doing it all along. I mean, how hard is it? I know in some communities you still have to take your own stuff to a recycling center, but sheesh, if they’re coming to your house and picking it up for you, what’s the problem?


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