Good Skin Care

As someone with both sensitive skin and skin issues like exzema (which isn’t bad but occasionally flares up) and mild roseacia, I know that it’s important to take good care of your skin. There are so many different products out there. You don’t even need to visit a department store counter — the beauty section of any general retailer has dozens upon dozens of products. A lot of these, though, have chemicals in them and who knows if that is really something you should be rubbing into your skin? Shira Esthetics offers a great selection of natural skin care products, including some great anti aging creams. Their skin care line includes Omega-3 fatty acids, Oxygen, Seaweed, Aromatherapy, Glycolic acid, Vitamin C, and Dead Sea minerals. They’ve been creating skin care products since 1957, and continue to stay on top of the lastest research. They also offer classes at spas and salons. And if you’re local to New Jersey, you can take classes on site! Sounds great to me.

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