good morning

I know I’ve been MIA all week. I just haven’t had the time for blogging this past week. I did, however, somehow find the time for having a really bad eating week and overindulging in lots of delicious food. So tomorrow Drew and I are going to start South Beach Phase 1 again as a kind of cleanse/carb detox. I haven’t tried many weight loss programs aside from SB, but it really worked great for me in the past. This time I am not doing it so much as a way to jump start weight loss, but I really need to curb the sugar and carb cravings. I’ve been drafting up ideas for snacks and meals and I’ve found that as long as I’m not scrambling for ideas, the plan is not hard for me to follow. Then I’ll start adding my good carbs back in and hopefully keep my sweet tooth at bay.

So today we’re going food shopping. I also plan on hitting up Target because they have the Shark steam mop on sale. Last summer I started researching steam mops and I’ve been holding off on buying one until there was a good price. The model on sale at Target is one below the model I really wanted, but I’ve decided that it’s good enough. Who thought a girl could be so excited to wash her tile floors?

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  1. I’m back on the modified SB program myself. Will you share some of your meal ideas?

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