gobble, gobble!

I know it’s not even Halloween but I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year because we’re having it at our house. Sure, some people might not like the extra work, but honestly? Cooking a turkey dinner is not a big deal to me. Usually we go away so the kids can watch the Thanksgiving parade, and I can drink as much wine as I want! 😉

Also, as long as the weather cooperates and my parents come up they’re going to take the boys back to Palmer for the weekend. That makes it SO much easier to do my Black Friday shopping! Laura will have no idea, so I’m not worried about her. But Jake is at that age where he is questioning Santa Claus and I’d like for him to believe for at least one more year.

So yeah, I think it’s going to be super fun and I am really excited to have Drew’s mom, aunt, and my parents over for the day. I’m looking forward to doing things MY way. Which is mostly traditional, but with a spin. I think everyone will really enjoy it.

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