Yep, it’s gloomy outside and I’m kind of in a gloomy mood myself. The listing for our house is up at the end of the month and our realtor suggests that if we relist (and what choice do we have, really?) we should drop the price again. It just sucks. Anyway…

So tomorrow is the NY Sheep & Wool Festival. I know everyone just refers to it as “Rhinebeck” but being that Rhinebeck is only about five minutes away from our house and the fairground is next to the store where I do my grocery shopping, I feel like it makes more sense for me to be a little more specific 😉 Any suggestions for “must sees”? Since it’s my first time going I plan on just milling about and seeing what I see. I am hoping to pick up a few goodies for my SP9 spoilee, as well. Of course, since I’ll have the boys tagging along we’ll see how much they tolerate.

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  1. We don’t live all that far away from Rhinebeck, either, and it’s funny to me to hear people saying how much they would *love* to go there. 🙂

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