friday favorite finds – meat dishes

It’s Friday! So that means it’s time to link up with Finding Joy in My Kitchen‘s Friday Favorite Finds.

Man, these last two weeks have been rough! Everyone in the family has endured some illness or another, plus life has just been generally busy (as it tends to be this time of year). But now that we are on the mend and I’m digging my way out from a pile of disorganization, I’m trying to be a better blogger (look, two posts in two days!).

Here are my Pinterest food finds for the week.

Philly Cheesesteak in a Bowl – I’d been thinking about a low-carb version of cheesesteak and literally the next morning I saw this recipe. I think it was meant to be!


Karoline’s Keema – I have a keema recipe marked “to cook”  in The Indian Slow Cooker, but this one just seems quick and easy. I’ll be making it soon.


Mustard & Cracked Pepper Roast Beef – I love roast beef, and this looks mouth-watering. I think it would be a nice change from ham for Christmas (but we’ll see… )


Chocolate Raspberry Truffles – And we can’t forget dessert! I am dying to make these clean-eating truffles. Dates, cocoa powder, jam… they sound too good to be true.


Be sure to head over to Finding Joy in My Kitchen and see what inspired everyone else this week!

5 Replies to “friday favorite finds – meat dishes”

  1. Thanks for bringing some meat into these finds… I seem to always find sweets! The cheesesteak bowls are a great recipe.

  2. Yum on the Philly Cheesesteak in a Bowl. It’s almost like a stir fry. My family would love this.

  3. That Philly Cheesesteak in a bowl looks ah-mazing! 🙂

    stopping by from FFF

  4. It’s look so great! I bet that all these disk is very delicious. I will check all them out if i have a chance. Thanks for nice share!

  5. [..]Mustard & Cracked Pepper Roast Beef – I love roast beef, and this looks mouth-watering.[..] well..well.. i do love this too. It look awesome!

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