Friday Bullets

I’m thinking this might be a trend I go with for the new year. I kinda like the idea of Friday bullets — easy way to organize my thoughts as I wrap up the week.

  • Today has been crazy busy at the shop. People have been either incredibly nice or incredibly nasty. Luckily the nice people have outnumber the nasties.
  • I’ve just finished making up my grocery shopping list for Christmas Day. Remember my big dilemma? Well, turns out I’m going with finger foods and I scrapped brunch altogether. I think it will be a fun change. I just hope Stop & Shop won’t be too crowded. Yikes.
  • News this week has been pretty eventful, and if I had the time there was a lot I could have commented on. Though I’m not a big sports fan, I’ve found the report on steroids in baseball quite fascinating. Wondering if other muscle-building compounds like creatine ethyl ester are allowed or if they fall into the same category.
  • I feel like my house is a disaster. The snow has really made all the floors messy and I can’t stand it. I am kind of interested in this Making Your Home a Haven Challenge (minus morning devotionals, because that’s just not really my thing). Kind of like a more do-able version of FlyLady to get my house back into shape and help keep me organized. I don’t know… I always seem to fall off the wagon with those kinds of things, but the baby steps is good. Need to do some more purging too. I wish Salvation Army picked up more than just once a month in our area. If I forget to call on the day they schedule, I’m screwed until the next month. At any rate, first of the year I need to get on track.
  • My friend had knee surgery today. I don’t know if he ever really reads my blog, but just in case — Rest up, kiddo, and heal quick!
  • Disappointed that one (well, two) of the gifts I bought for Drew won’t be delivered until the 27th.
  • Really unhappy with FedEx. My friend sent me a package for the boys and it was never delivered. FedEx told her that the house was empty and phone disconnected. She gave them the correct phone number. Yesterday it was delivered, but my husband found it when he got home around 9:30 — it was thrown onto a snowbank between our mailbox and driveway! Now, I got home from picking up Jake around 4 and it wasn’t there. I had the front light on, and there was a clear path to the door. I can’t believe they didn’t even bring it up to the stairs! It was in a thin plastic bag. Luckily, the contents were fine, but how infuriating.
  • Busy weekend ahead, and I hope you have a good one!

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