Free Chicken!

Did you guys get your free Southern Style Chicken Biscuit at McDonald’s this morning? I did! I expected quite a line at the drive-thru, but there was only one other car. The sandwich was quite yummy. I really enjoyed the chicken itself. It had a nice, peppery flavor. I am not a huge fan of biscuits (unless they’re with a soup or stew), so for me it was a little too much bread. If I wasn’t driving, I would have taken off half of the biscuit, but even still it was good. Obviously it’s not something you’d want to get all the time — with all that greasy food you’d surely be headed to the dermatologist for acne treatment, but once in a while why not? Especially when the price is right! And if you missed out on breakfast, you can get the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich free (with a med. or large drink purchase) tonight until 7.

2 Replies to “Free Chicken!”

  1. I didn’t do that, but … even though it was *such* a hot chocolate day weather-wise, I *did* take advantage of the free iced coffee today at DD! šŸ™‚

  2. Jeremy got the breakfast one and thought that it was really greasy- that is all he said about it lol… and Lore and I tried ther lunch/dinner one a while back and it just didn’t have any flavor and the breading seemed really thick… like almost too much… chick-fil-a is so much better… but I know you guys don’t have one… sorry…

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