Floot Loops

floot.jpg Over a year ago, I was introduced to this product called Floot. Basically, it’s sparkling wine in a can. An adult juice box, if you will. Although the packaging is cute, and the idea of a highly portable sparkling wine is compelling, I had a hard time getting past the idea that I was either going to be daintily sipping this through a straw, or else chugging it like a frat boy at a kegger. (I opted to use the straw, by the way).

At any rate, I thought it was terrible. It was like they carbonated some Franzia chablis. Somehow this little product found its way into a few consumer magazines, and lately I started to second guess myself. Was it really that bad?

So today I decided to try it again. And yes. Yes, it was that bad. It retails for about $3.99 a can (or $15.99 for a four-pack). At that price, I’d rather forgo the convenience of the single-serve container and buy two bottles a bottle of Cristalino (a yummy Cava) or my favorite Prosecco — Filipetti. Both of those bottles go for around $9 and are infinitely better.

In a way it’s too bad because I like the idea — this is perfect for outdoor concerts or venues where glass is not allowed — but the product doesn’t deliver. I’ll keep my eye out, though and let you know if something else comes along.

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