Flash Your Stash!

I guess it’s unofficial this year, but I’m doing the whole “Flash Your Stash” thing anyway. Holy cow, I have a lot more yarn than I though I did. I’ve annotated all my photos on Flickr, so go ahead and click through if you want.

Let’s start with the acrylic and novelty yarns and get those out of the way, shall we?
Flash Your Stash - Acrylic/Novelty Yarns

These I bought recently and very specifically to use as icing for my knit cupcakes.
Flash Your Stash - More Novelty Yarn
Sock/Lace Yarn – If anyone is interested in trading for the two skeins of Dancing and one skein of Magic Stripes, let me know. I just will not ever be a sock knitter and don’t know what else to do with them.
Flash Your Stash - Sock/Lace Yarn (mostly)

I was going to blame Mason-Dixon Knitting for this, but my mom actually got me knitting dishcloths before I ever even heard of the book or website, so Ma? This is all your fault:
Flash Your Stash - Cotton

And finally, my wool and alpaca and various blends containing both/either. Hmm… should I make the rug or the tote from “One Skein?”
Flash Your Stash - Wool/Alpaca

And there you have it. Yarn. And lots of it.


  1. flygrrl says:

    Wow, and I thought I had a lot of yarn. I actually just Freecycled quite a bit of my stash, but kept stuff I thought I would use. I think lace knit hats and bracelets are a great use for leftover sock yarn. Check knitty,com for patterns…

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