first day of school 2011


Who can believe that I have a 4th grader and a 1st grader? Surely not me! At least, it seems impossible. Of course, the boys were super excited to get back to a routine and seeing their friends every day. The summer is fun, but very long.

Armed with backpacks and lunch bags they climbed aboard the bus and were off for the day. This is the first day of school since Jake started going to school that it was rainy and I couldn’t take photos outside! Oh well. I made the best of it.

Also, as I mentioned in another post, this year I am trying to break out of the sandwich rut and find creative things to pack for the boys. Here is their first day of school lunch box:


I packed corn dog muffins, strawberries and grapes, cucumber slices and a couple carrots, and an Oreo for dessert. I made the muffins yesterday and just warmed them slightly this morning to take away the chill — my kids don’t mind eating room-temperature food, but if yours are picky, you’d have to wrap the muffins in foil or stick them in an insulated jar to keep them warm.

Jake devoured the whole thing and Noah ate most of it. They both came home happy – yay!

Who is ready for an awesome school year?


These guys!

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  1. Such handsome boys!

    And what a cool lunch! That’s such a great idea… just corn muffin mix and chopped hotdogs?

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