Finally! Spring!

Wow, it is such a gorgeous, sunny spring day today! The sun is shining, it’s not freezing cold… I love it! Noah is spending the day with Drew’s mom & aunt so I dropped him off on the way to work. Drew’s mom (who is a hairdresser and gets free magazines at her shop), had a big stack for me: Country Living, Cottage Living, Parents, Rachel Ray, and one or two others. I’m trying not to read them all at work today 😉 I kind of want to save them for a nice, relaxing evening to enjoy with a cup of tea or something.

Actually, in my down time at the store today I should work on my little stuffed wine bottle. He is coming along nicely and should be done in a day or two, provided I can keep myself from getting distracted. I’ve been trying to curtail my computer usage and do other things instead. It really is a lot nicer when you don’t spend your days glued to a monitor, isn’t it? It’s crazy how some people take their laptops everywhere they go. If you absolutely *have* to use a computer while you’re travelling, you can always look into computer rentals at your hotel, you know? At any rate, I’ve been thinking about my gardens and what flowers I’m going to plant this year. It’s still too early to put anything in around here (though maybe some pansies would be OK), but the planning is just as fun.

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  1. I *love* this new blog design! Gosh, where do find templates like these? I always *love* stopping by your blog because you pick such amazing designs. 🙂 I Google “WordPress themes” and just kind of find hit-or-miss stuff. Anyway, it’s supposed to be REALLY nice here on Wednesday. 63 degrees, I think. That’s definitely a playground day for the kids! Maybe I could pack a lunch for us to take and eat at the picnic table, too. I’m SO glad to see that spring weather is getting closer and closer. Awesome about the mags! Our friends V. and N. actually gave me a TON of magazines, too, recently. There’s Harper’s, Time, Atlantic, Redbook, Lucky, and a few others. I also got some yoga magazines off Freecycle! I look forward to doing some reading soon with a cup of tea, too!

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