Excitement for the Day

Yesterday the tub in the upstairs bathroom wouldn’t drain. Drew got some drain clearer and it seemed to work… until this morning. Everything got backed up and wouldn’t drain upstairs. Ugh!

So after he got back from driving Jake to meet up with his roommate and head back to school, he got to work on the clog. It didn’t work. And now we have this too.

Water leaking through a light fixture is always good, right? Sigh… 

So tomorrow will be a call to the plumber because we have exhausted all options that we can tackle. This will be interesting!

2 thoughts on “Excitement for the Day

  1. BillieJo

    I am sorry! I have been there a few times! I hope the plumber comes and handles it quickly for you. It is always something, isn’t it?? Have a cup of coffee and a sweet treat. You deserve it!


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