Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box Review

Is there anything as exciting as coming home from work and finding out that happy mail has been delivered? I’m not talking about bills, of course. I’m talking about fun packages like this one…

First EC Surprise Box

Ah, yes, the classic Erin Condren box! Hard to miss. At the end of December, I got an email about a brand-new Seasonal Surprise Box that they were launching. According to the description, it would be an $80 value. The price was just $35 (including shipping)! So I took a chance. My surprise box finally arrived today! Spoiler alert! This blog post includes photos, so if you haven’t gotten yours, yet, be warned.

First EC Surprise Box

First EC Surprise Box

As always, the contents were beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and sealed shut with a sticker. This box is supposed to be reversible (assuming the post office didn’t shove it in your mailbox… ahem). I love the color and the quote inside, so I will probably keep this one around in my craft room. 

On to the goodies! I wish I could say I was actually surprised, but of course being on the East Coast I am one of the last ones to get my delivery so I saw plenty of pictures online. Still, Erin Condren products always are so much nicer when you actually are holding them and can see and feel the quality yourself.

First EC Surprise Box

It’s hard to say whether or not my expectations were met for this box. The theme was supposed to be “New Year, New You” so I guess I expected some budget or fitness-themed items to be included (they weren’t). I also secretly hoped for an exclusive cover (again, nope).

First EC Surprise Box
Here’s what was included:

  • Valentine heart gift labels
  • $25 coupon (to be used by the end of March)
  • Exclusive monthly sticker sheets
  • Lips Flair Pin
  • New version of the coloring book
  • Exclusive Floral In snap-in dashboard
  • Colorful dual-tip marker set
  • Three folded notecards (Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Thank You)

EC Seasonal Surprise Box

For me personally, this box is a mixed bag. Everything is cute, but honestly it is not all for me. So, first what won’t I use? This stuff:

First EC Surprise Box

I could never get into the adult coloring fad. (Quite honestly, I find that the small, fussy blank areas to color only stress me out more. It’s just not enjoyable.) I also don’t use the dashboards (and I’m not a fan of the Floral Ink pattern). As for the Flair? Well… I think I’m a little too old for that.  Maybe my 7-year-old will want to put it on her purse, though.

With that said, there were a couple homeruns. First (obviously), the coupon. I do feel that it’s a little bit of a cop-out to just toss a high-dollar coupon in there, but I wonder if the EC team had other plans that just weren’t able to be produced in time for shipment. I’m not complaining — I think it’s great that I can pick out whatever I want. 

Next best thing? The seasonal sticker sheets:

First EC Surprise Box

I have several of these sheets in various other designs, and I adore them for adding color to the monthly pages in my neutral planner. I am a sucker for holiday designs, so these are right up my alley. I especially love how colorful and cheerful they are. I can’t wait to put these to use!

But my very favorite item in the box was the new dual-tip markers!

First EC Surprise Box

First EC Surprise Box

One end is a fine-point tip and the other is a medium-point tip. The colors are so vibrant and juicy and the pens write so smooth. Also, the size of the barrel is just right to fit comfortably in my hand when I’m writing. These will get a lot of use and I might order a back-up set because I think they might become my go-to pens.

So there you have it! Will I take a chance on the next surprise box when it’s offered? If it’s the same price, I think I would. I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth out of it, even though there were a few items I’ll pass along. I probably would never have ordered the markers on my own, so for that I am glad I took a chance on this box!

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