End of Summer Break

Last day of summer break. Clearly, fall is knocking on the door.
Earlier today I was scrolling through the photo album on my iPod and came across the “Welcome to Summer!” picture I took of the boys after they stepped off the bus on their last day of school in June. And here we are, at the very end of vacation.

I’ve packed their lunches and organized their school supplies. All that’s left is to pick out clothes! (Well, I still have paperwork to fill out, too, but I’m putting it off until later.) It’s humid as heck out there right now, but as you can see, that one tree that always turns early has started changing colors, so I guess it really is that time! Also, I feel like we’re the very last school to start. There’s nothing wrong with that ~ in fact, I love that we don’t start in August! But I do think everyone (kids as well as myself) are looking forward to a change and a little more structure. Bring on 2nd and 5th grade — we’re ready!

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