End of January

Here we are at the end of January! Frankly, it can go. It was kind of a rough month, and I am hoping things ease up in February! At least we have so far been lucky to stay away from the flu — working with the public, I am honestly a little nervous about it, but I just keep washing my hands and using hand sanitizer and hoping for the best!

On to Happy Homemaker Monday. Linking up with Sandra at Diary of a SAHM.


As I look outside my window:::
It’s gray and getting dark out. The temperature wasn’t too bad today — high 30s/low 40s. At least I didn’t have to bundle way up while running around. We may have a little snow overnight.
Right now I am::: 
Sitting in the living room with Laura, listening to Noah practice his drums, and watching the clock so I can start supper on time.
Thinking and pondering:::
Oh, so many things! But right now I’m thinking about how happy I am that pit orchestra practice was cancelled tonight and I do not have to go back out.
On my bedside table:::
Two books. I was lucky to get a copy of  Kristin Hannah’s new book, The Great Alone, before it is even out and I also have Promise Not to Tell by Jayne Ann Krentz that I want to start reading.
On my tv tonight:::
Not sure. Last night we watched “The Snowman” and the night before that we watched “It.” I’ll probably see what catches my eye on Netflix.

Listening to:::
The steady percussion sound from Noah’s drum kit. He got an electric drum set for Christmas, and he wears headphones so while we still hear a bit, it is significantly quieter!
On the menu for this week:::
Sunday – Pizza, salad
 – Salmon, red potatoes and green beans in herb sauce
Tuesday – Broccoli chicken noodle bake, green salad
Wednesday – Turkey tacos, Mexican rice
Thursday – Chicken & chickpea tikka masala, rice, cucumber salad, naan
Friday – 
Saturday – 
On my to do list:::
I’ve got laundry to put away and a sink full of dishes I have to do. The house could also use a good vacuuming.
What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::

Sundays are for coffee & crochet
I’m working a ruffle scarf, and I want to crack on with some dishcloths (seeing as though I have more cotton yarn than I imagined).
My simple pleasure:::
Having a dry, shiny sink at the end of the day. 
Lesson learned the past week:::  
 You can’t change people, so figure out a way to deal with them and find a good friend you can complain to 😉 
From the camera:::

It looks like this succulent has babies! I have no idea how it happened, but I am thrilled. Honestly, it’s been ignored on my west-facing bedroom window. But I’m excited about it.
Hope your week is off to a good start!

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  1. That’s a wonderful close up photo of your succulent. Hope your family continues to stay healthy and you have a wonderful week!

  2. Great lesson for the week, have to deal with that too! Have a great week

  3. I hope you had a GREAT week. The week just got away from me and I’m so late visiting. Glad you’re staying healthy – it would scare me too working with the public. Stay Healthy.

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