ebay slacker

With time ticking away, I still have not received payment for one of the auctions I sold on Sunday. I require the winning bidder to pay within three days (which is pretty standard, I think). The end of today will be three days. I’ve sent two e-mails (well, one invoice and a reminder e-mail), to no avail. Its all very puzzling because the winning bidder has a high positive rating. What happened? After the fourth day I can flag her for non-payment, and I certainly plan to if she doesn’t make good on her end of the deal.

I’ve had mostly good experiences on eBay; this has never happened to me before, but I know it’s common. I mean, I wasn’t selling supplements for a pricey health or quick weight loss program. It was just a couple of baby dresses that sold for a dirt cheap price! Oh well. I guess I’ll have to leave negative feedback and re-list the item or something. It’s just so frustrating.

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