Disney Dreamin’

As I’ve mentioned, right now we’re in the “can’t go anywhere” phase of toddlerhood. Noah’s actively asserting his independance (that’s putting it nicely), and things that we normally would do have become unpleasant, if not intolerable. When we were on vacation in Lake George, he just wouldn’t sit still in any of the restaurants. I can’t imagine taking him on any large-scale vacation right now, but I do know the stage will pass, and I’m anxious for us to go back to Florida. Jake loved Disney when we went three and a half years ago, and I can only imagine how wow’ed he be now! Although we usually stay on Disney property, there are some great Orlando vacation rental houses, too. That would be a good option if you were going with a group of people. Alas, it’s something I can only dream of right now. But who knows? Maybe next winter we’ll be able to take a trip down to see the Mouse!

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