delicious saturday

I wish I had more energy to share photos with you, but alas… I am worn out! What a day filled with so many yummy things. This morning I made some maple walnut scones using a recipe I found on the Bisquick Web site. I’ve made scones from scratch several times, but this one was about a million times easier and came out just as well (if not better!).

This afternoon my friend Michelle came over and we made some blueberry-lime jam. It was the first time canning for both of us and it was so unexpectedly easy. The hardest part was waiting for the 21-quart canner to reach a boil. The jam is from the Ball Blue Book and it is pretty amazing. Next time I’ll experiment with cutting down the sugar a bit, but for the first time I wanted to follow the recipe perfectly.

Finally, I put together Laura’s birthday cake and frosted it. The frosting isn’t exactly as smooth as I’d like. In fact, it looks like it could have looked up some wrinkle creams reviewed to find one to smooth all those lines, LOL. But I’ll be covering up the top with chocolate-covered strawberries, so I think that will be OK.

It’s official: I’m beat. I’m going to clean up this kitchen, jump in the shower, and the crawl into bed. Big first birthday party tomorrow!

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