So it really wasn’t Drew who set up my Transformers phone call last night. Nor was it my brother — the only other suspect I could think of. Who did it? It was so funny and had me laughing so hard. I want to know! There really aren’t all that many people who know my phone number. At any rate, there’s a good possibility Drew might buy the movie today anyway. I can’t wait to watch it. Sometimes I think I’m an 8 year old boy trapped in the body of a 31 year old woman. Seriously.

At any rate, aside from that not much is new today. It’s too freaking warm for October. Again. We get some seasonal weather and then in a day or two it turns warm and humid. I’m not saying I want it cold, but is it unreasonable to wish for temperatures in the 60s? On the other hand, I should just suck it up because warm weather means not having to heat the house, which is a good thing.

4 thoughts on “Curious.

  1. flygrrl

    This really cracked me up so much that I had to do it to my brother. He wasn’t very impressed, which kinda disappointed me. Aside from whether the movie is any good, the voice in the phone message sounded like the old OP from the cartoon, and my brother was a HUGE Transformers junkie.


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