CSA Distribution #1

CSA Distribution #1

Hooray! Today was the first pickup for our farm share. We’re members of Sisters Hill Farm in Stanfordville and I have been waiting for this moment for months! I’ve been keeping up with the blogs written by two of the interns (Farmer Erin and From The Ground Up) and I have such an appreciation for these delicious vegetables. When we were kids, my Uncle Frank had a huge (and I mean HUGE) garden and probably everything we ate during the summer came from it. (I’m sure my brother will attest to the overabundance of yellow string beans every year — to this day I am not crazy about them because we had so many of them!). It’s great to have a little of that back this season. Though it might not be grown exactly in my backyard, it’s local, fresh, and organic. And not to mention delicious! Unfortunately I was kind of rushing around this afternoon, so the boys didn’t get to see the chickens or explore the farm at all, but hopefully there will be time next week. Here’s what we got:

– .75 lb. salad greens
– .75 lb. arugala
– .75 lb. spinach
– .50 lb. tatsoi (or red mustard greens)
– 1 bunch of radishes (or turnips)
– 1 head of lettuce

Afterwards, we picked up dinner (pepperoni pizza for the boys and a cheese calzone for me) and I enjoyed a fresh salad alongside it. I only wished I had a bottle of wine open tonight. (The chardonnay I got from that wine of the month club back in the fall would have been yummy with the fresh greens). I am also resisting the urge to eat the entire bunch of radishes. I promised Drew I’d save him a couple!

Now to find some recipes…

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  1. Awesome!!! Rock on! I love this time of year. I am *so* excited about our CSA share … I think that ours begins sometime in mid June. Mmm, radishes! You will sure have some yummy salads! I can’t wait to post about ours! 🙂

  2. Ooh… exciting. We get our first one on thursday! So excited. I hope we get some asparagus … it’s in season here.

  3. Mmmm, looks delicious! I’ve been eating radishes all week. I’m glad to know you enjoy them, too.

  4. Oh yes .. the unlimited supply of string beans .. good times!! And to think, now I cannot get enough. Back then I would never eat them. I still remember throwing the tomatoes that fell off the plants … Agh .. good times!!

  5. You’re CSA is a week ahead of mine (the Food Bank Farm in Hadley). I can’t wait for that first salad of the season. Enjoy yours!

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