CSA Bonus Share

CSA Bonus Share

The CSA we belong to offers members a bonus share if they renew their membership by a certain date. We made the deadline, so Saturday morning I bundled up and headed over to Stanfordville. I was really hoping for some cabbage (I’ve had slaw on the brain since I made burgers last week), but it seems that the crop was hit particularly hard by some kind of bug this year. Sigh… Oh well. We still recieved a generous amount of late-season veggies and if I were cooking Thanksgiving dinner I’d surely be all set!

Here’s what we got: spinach (there was a variety of other greens, but I did not feel like chard or arugula), onions, potatoes, garlic, turnips, sweet dumpling squash, butternut squash, carrots, and parsnips. I skipped celeriac and rutabega. (Confidential to Dad: I am so glad I gave you those three garlic cloves. Check it: four cloves in this share!) I’ll be bringing the butternut squash, turnips, and parsnips to my mother-in-law later this week. I might make stuffed squash with the sweet dumplings, and I plan on making onion soup this week since I have tons of onions.

It’s so funny to think that the next time I head over to the farm I will be days away from giving birth! Crazy!

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  1. I was just thinking the same thing as Tamara. It seems like that little peanut jumped ahead so far!

    That said – onion soup! YUM! I may have to make some this weekend.

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