CSA 2009: Sixth Share

CSA 2009: Sixth Share

Finally, a Tuesday when it didn’t rain! Farm share day has become my little escape. I go by myself and become immersed in the colors, the sights, and the scents of the farm. When I drove over to the field to gather the PYO goodies, I was the only person there (I went especially early this week), and it was so beautiful, so relaxing. I wish I could bottle the sweet smells of flowers and growing vegetables. Alas, my peace only lasted for a few minutes before other CSA members started making their way in and asking me if I knew where the parsley was. Sigh…

Anyway. Look at all these yummy veggies! I’m so excited. Here’s the rundown: three heads of lettuce, two fennel bulbs (yay!), three leeks (more yay!), two eggplants, a bunch of beets, carrots, green beans, zucchini, a cucumber, garlic, onions, dill, basil, PYO scallions, PYO parsley, PYO flowers. Did I get everything? I haven’t really thought too much about what to do with all of this. I’m thinking about some bharta, some beet cake, some green bean salad… Today I need to sort through all of my recipes and figure it out.

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  1. Dara says:

    The fennel looks gorgeous. I hope we get some this year. I think I remember that you like it raw in salads? I pretty much have only found that I like it roasted, and I love it that way.

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