Compare Brands Before You Buy

I’ve been trying really hard to keep the clutter out of our house and this has mainly meant that I’ve held back from buying various kitchen gadgets.However, I think we might have to replace our waffle maker soon. The one I use was handed down to Drew from his aunt, and it has to be circa 1967 (give or take). This thing is old and really getting tired. (Not to mention kind of unsafe – ask me to show you my burn scar sometime). But where to start looking? There are so manybrands of cooking appliances, that it can get overwhelming. There is a site, however, called Cookery Guide that has been a little helpful. There are only two brands of waffle makers on their site, but there is also a page that lists things you should consider when purchasing one. Likewise, there are similar guides for slow cookers, bread makers, grills, and more. I like to really research my purchases, so if you do too, this might be a site to consult next time you’re in the market for a small appliance.

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