Cold & Gray


Gray, gray, gray… that’s the story of the day here folks. The sun was out briefly, but now it’s cloudy again and just seems all the colder. I really was spoiled by that brief bit of warm-ish weather (which really wasn’t even all that warm). Still a solid month and a half of winter to go, so I will just have to deal with it.

This morning I went grocery shopping… Aldi, Shop Rite, and Sam’s Club. Whew… it’s always so exhausting. I decided to treat myself to a few bunches of daffodils, though. Can’t wait for their cheery yellow faces to brighten up the corner near the window.


I’m trying to be a little more brave with color this year, and not worry about things matching perfectly. I’ve got some Valentine’s pillows on the couch (Laura insists these are hers… she’s always playing around with them).


And the dishcloths I’m working on, just using up whatever cotton yarn I have in my basket. Easy, mindless crochet, perfect for when my brain is on “vacation” shall we say 😉


We had a pretty easy weekend. The library was hopping on Saturday morning (always a good thing), and the time flew by. The only other thing I needed to do all weekend was take the boys to basketball on Sunday afternoon (where I sat and crocheted, so really… who can complain?). I love lazy weekends when I actually feel like being lazy. Which was entirely the case this weekend, so it all worked out.

Looking ahead to this week, though, it seems a little busier. Tomorrow Jake starts show chorus at school. It’s signing and dancing — a little peppier as opposed to just regular chorus (which he also does… and band, too. Yes, the boy loves his music.) He’s excited about it, so I’m glad. He might have book club this week too — not sure about that yet.

And lots of scouting events! Tomorrow is a Boy Scouts meeting he needs to attend. There are two Boy Scout troops, so he needs to decide which one he feels is a better fit. I think he’s decided (with a little guidance from us), but after tomorrow’s meeting he can say with certainty. And Friday is his very last Webelos den meeting! Drew has been working on a slide show for the Blue & Gold Banquet and oh my — it’s going to be a tear-jerker. Seeing all these boys grow from first graders to middle-schoolers… it’s so bittersweet.

Well, I suppose I should finish up and switch over my laundry to the dryer. Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for a great week ahead!

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  1. Sandra says:

    Love fresh flowers, they definitely cheer up a room 🙂

    Love your pillows too, I have yet to put up anything Valentine’s Day related, I should probably get on that soon.

    Hope you’re having a good week 😉

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