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Just a few more days until Christmas — hard to believe! Today I finished up grocery shopping (except now I’m not sure I have everything for my cheesecake) and ordered the flowers for the table. Back in November I was tipped off about how to get a $40 gift certificate to I thought it would be nice to use it toward holiday flowers. Originally I wanted to order this centerpiece, but it wasn’t available for delivery here in the boonies:

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I wasn’t in love with any of the other centerpiece options, so I finally decided on 30 stems of tulips in a red and white theme:

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There was free shipping on this item, so all I paid was tax — $3.24! Not bad for a nice bouquet that will dress up the table. I’ll just put votives in clear glass holders around it.

After quite a bit of tweaking, I think our menu is finally set, as well. Last year I did beef tenderloin, but my MIL wanted to make that for Christmas Eve this year. I opted to do a brunch, which I’ve done several times in the past. Here’s my plan:


  • Cheese and crackers
  • Shrimp cocktail


  • Honey glazed spiral ham
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Blueberry pancakes with strawberry syrup and maple syrup
  • Hash browns
  • Citrus salad with pomegranate seeds



  • Bloody Mary/Bloody Dane
  • Mimosa
  • Coffee/tea/orange juice

Originally I’d planned to make a spinach-Gruyere strata that I’ve made in the past, but let’s face it: I’ve got three kids. I can take the easy way out and just scramble some eggs. The boys will eat those. They won’t eat the strata and I don’t want to be fighting over eating on Christmas day.

As for the Bloody Marys/Bloody Danes, if someone asks we’ll make them (or any other drink, naturally), but I think the Mimosas will go over with more people. Oh, and if you’re curious, a Bloody Dane is made with Acquavit instead of vodka. We’re going to taste-test during the week.

So this should be an easy meal to pull off. I’m going to make the pancakes ahead of time and heat them up in the oven. The ham is a no-brainer, and the eggs will only take a few minutes. My goal is for a no-stress, no-fuss relaxing day with my family 🙂


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