chilly hudson valley

chilly hudson valley

It’s another very cold, very late-autumn afternoon here in the Hudson Valley. Although it certainly looks like winter, we’re not there yet. I’ve finalized the shopping list for our party this weekend and we’re in good shape. I think we need a new filter for our refrigerator, though. I’m not sure if it’s a MWF filter or some other I kind (I need to check the manual, obviously), but that should get replaced soon (though doubtful before Saturday). The only thing left to do is a quick sweep and mop of the floors and boxing up some toys. Because I’m not sure when people will be arriving and there will be children of various ages, I’m not taking any chances with toys getting broken or eaten. (Or my Christmas tree getting taken down by a light saber!). So I’ve explained to the boys why some things will disappear for a day or two and they’re cool with it.

Drew’s set up an area in the basement where the kids can play. We’ll have Christmas movies, a selection of toys, and I’ll get some Christmas coloring sheets or some activity that’s easy to do. I’m realizing that it’s much easier to manage the little ones on the guest list when you can let them run around outside, LOL! It’ll be fine, though.

Otherwise things are just rolling along. Drew and I watched Angels & Demons the other night and I thought it was good. I read the book years ago and don’t remember much so I can’t really say how they compare. I’ve also made it through Chapter One of Julie & Julia. I tried to go at it with an open mind. Really, I did. But she doesn’t exactly come across as very likable so I’m having a hard time getting into the book. I mean, when someone writes (about supposedly being found curled up with a copy of the Atlantic Monthly at age five), “I think the point behind this was that I’d been singled out as an early entrant to the ranks of the intellectually superior,” it’s hard to take her seriously. I suppose she meant that tongue-in-cheek, but… really, I doubt it. I’ll force myself to read a bit more before I return it to the library. Just not really my cup of tea.

Speaking of tea (how’s that for a segue?)… I picked up some of Harney & Sons’ Hot Cinnamon Spice. Ooooh, it’s so good! I also have a small tin of their Christmas tea that I haven’t tried yet. Maybe tonight. I’m also on the lookout for a new knitting or crochet project. I really should make hats, you know, but… I think I also have to start a scarf or something that is a little more challenging. What’s on your needles at the moment?

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  1. Your sky looks the same as mine right now here outside of Wheaton. Sorry to say but more cold coming your way.

  2. I love this photo. Seems like a painting.

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