Change is Good

As if my typical Wednesday schedule isn’t crazy enough, today we started with a three-hour delay for school. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. You’ve never heard of such a thing. What’s the point? Why even bother? Well, there was freezing rain overnight and given the hilliness of this area, and the fact that some of us (ahem) live out in the boonies and the kids don’t walk to school… I can understand it.

Nevertheless, it added another layer of schedule rearranging. On the bright side, the kids and I did enjoy a pretty relaxed morning!

Everyone had bacon and eggs for breakfast. I had an extra cup of coffee instead of rushing out the door. Really, it wasn’t all that bad.

After everyone was at school, I puttered around for a bit and then made myself some lunch. I was really craving a turkey melt, but 1) I let the kids finish the bacon and 2) I didn’t have enough sliced bread. So it was on to plan B… Turkey and cheese (slightly melted) on a multigrain English muffin with lettuce, red onions, olives, and a big slather of mayo.

It was so good, and again a reminder for me — things may not go exactly the way you want for a reason. It seems like such a little, insignificant thing: school delay, no bacon or bread… But it’s really easy to get annoyed or irritated over those things. But sometimes that stuff isn’t around for a reason — there’s something better waiting. I’m probably overthinking it, LOL…

Anyway, then it was on to the hairdresser’s. I was very much in need of a haircut!

Because everything shut down with yesterday’s storm, the place was really busy and running a little behind, but my amazing hairdresser still took her time and gave me a brand-new style! I absolutely love it!
My hair is really thick and it just feels so much lighter and healthier. And let’s face it (going with the theme of the day… change can be good.)
After I finished up at the salon, I hit the grocery store. Really, I just went there for asparagus, rolls and cold cuts, but there were so many great meat markdowns that I could’t help but stock up.

The store also had the Valentine’s Day seasonal Polar seltzers, so I picked up one of each. Can’t wait to try them!
After that it was getting home, getting the groceries put away, getting L. off the bus, getting her a snack, then getting her off to religion class (thank goodness for the carpool my friends and I have worked out)! Then it was back into town to pick up J. from pit orchestra rehearsal, off to Town Hall so he could update a message about the rescheduled town meeting on the video scroller, then home to get dinner ready. We ate, L. got dropped off, I got her dinner plate made, then N. and I headed out for the CCD evening session carpool (which I drive in). D. pulled in the garage just as we were getting in the car (he had to work late because he’s taking off a couple days so there were a number of things that needed wrapping up).
Dropped the kids off, gassed up my car, and then finally, finally, finally was home for the night! Got my PJs on, made a cup of tea, and after I finish this up I’m going to watch an episode or two of “Russian Doll” on Netflix (SO GOOD) before hitting the hay.
Hope you all have a great night!


  1. Jean says:

    Whew! You had a busy Wednesday. I think they gave up on the idea of late starts around here not that I mind, rather have the whole day although the kids already lost a couple of spring break days because of our snow. Your hair looks great! Must have been the day for haircuts, same thing I did today 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful night.

  2. Mary says:

    I love Polar Seltzer, and the red labeled bottle for Valentines was good, I can’t remember the flavor though. Another of my recent favorites of theirs is the hibiscus cloudberry

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