Goodness, I can’t seem to warm up today. On the weather report this morning, they mentioned a chance of snow flurries tomorrow – yikes! They also said that the average date for the first snowfall in this area is November 19th, so I suppose it only makes sense. A little dusting for Thanksgiving could be nice. We had a fun weekend over here. Saturday we decided to head over to Danbury and brave a shopping excursion at Christmas Tree Shops. The shoppers were annoying, as usual (are people dumb or just oblivious to the world around them?). But we did get loot for the boys’ Advent calendar and I got some tins for holiday baked goods, handsoaps that I like, and a few other things. When we were leaving the store, it was pouring rain so we opted to skip the mall and head over to Chili’s for lunch. Oh my God, it was so good! We got the spinach artichoke dip for an appetizer and I wanted to lick the bowl clean. Seriously. And as usual I got my chicken tacos – yummy! We considered braving the mall since the rain let up after lunch, but decided that since we all were in good moods, we’d just head home and relax rather than fight crowds.

Yesterday after we picked up Jake from Sunday school, I dropped the guys off at Target while I went grocery shopping at Walmart across the street. That worked out well and afterwards we ran a few other errands before returning home. We rented Kung-Fu Panda (gotta love Redbox!) and just hung out for the rest of the day. This weekend was a good balance of getting stuff done and down-time.

This morning I woke up with some major nausea after a week or so of feeling pretty good. Hopefully Drew’s company will have their health insurance meeting soon so we can figure out which plan we want for next year. It’s such a hassle comparing health insurance quotes, but at least going into the year knowing there will be a hospital stay makes it easier to figure things out. Ugh… imagine getting pregnant in January or February and being stuck with a plan that has less coverage! Anyway, hopefully the feeling will pass and I can get some stuff done. I seriously need to fold and put away laundry, and I need to return the DVD too.

Well, I hope your week is off to a good start!

Oh, Baby!

So I hope you all have voted, or will be voting today! I was down at Town Hall casting my vote around 6:30 this morning. No “I Voted” sticker though — boo for the town on that one! They never have the stickers. I guess they’re probably not that popular with the 70+ crowd that comprises much of our town, LOL… We are still using incredibly ancient voting machines like this. That’s gotta be, what… circa 1940? No computers, no paper ballots, just some switches that you toggle. I’m never confident that the thing actually calculates correctly but hopefully it did.

My next stop this morning was my first appointment at the OB’s. Yes, you read that right! I am 9 weeks pregnant! The due date is June 6th. Most of you probably already know by now via Facebook or Twitter, of course. We were waiting until we heard the heartbeat until we said anything “publicly.” Everything sounded great, so now I feel OK mentioning it to everyone 🙂 This baby will be a scheduled c-section since Jake was a c-section and my VBAC with Noah didn’t work out. That does bum me out a little, but the goal is a healthy baby, so I just need to keep that in mind. I’m nervous about it, even though I’ve already had it done twice before, isn’t that crazy? I guess with the other two, I’d been in labor and was just ready to get it over with. My midwife said the recovery this time should be a bit easier because my body won’t be as tired as it was the previous two times.

Of course, now I’m totally regretting having sold all of my maternity clothes on E-bay after Noah was born. I’m down to one pair of pants that comfortably fit. I did buy a pair of maternity jeans and a couple tops (also off of Ebay, of course), but I’ll have to suck it up and get a few more things once I really pop out.

I’m also trying to figure out a little treat to get myself after my OB visits. I did that last time, just to spoil myself a little. Drew gets his downloadable audio books every month, but I don’t have anything like that so I figure treating myself to a fancy juice or fancy decaf coffee drink is totally acceptable. I mean, this will officially be our last baby so I want to do everything I can to make this pregnancy super special 🙂

So how’s that for an Election Day suprise?