Catching Up On Things

Hello friends! The last month has been a blur, but what’s new? Just when I felt like I was starting to get things under control, I got sick. Then just as I was starting to feel better over the weekend — BAM — I got hit with another cold. Today I am totally congested and annoyed, but it didn’t stop me from getting things done around the house.

The library where I work is closed on Wednesdays, so today I just puttered around the house catching up on things. I folded baskets of laundry, switched out curtains, washed and ironed my sheers, tidied and vacuumed, set up a new wireless printer… lots of little things. I meant to take photos along the way, but instead I found myself moving from task to task while I felt motivated.

I’m feeling pretty tired now, but I still have to finish making dinner (chicken curry in the Instant Pot), make lunches for Drew and the kids for tomorrow, and drive the carpool into CCD tonight. After I get home from that I plan to just veg out with some TV and maybe some crochet. I bought yarn to make some pumpkins and I started the other night but I haven’t picked it back up yet. I’d like to make at least a couple before Halloween!

Well, I’d better get back to it and finish up all this stuff. I was just thinking of my blog and how it’s been a month since I updated. Yikes! What can I say — family and work have to come first, right? One day I’ll find a way to balance it all out. Hope your October is off to a great start!


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