catching up


Oh boy, I’ve thought about blogging countless times last week. I even made an effort to take lots of photos and everything, but… I just never got around to turning on the laptop. Some days it’s just easier to check my e-mail and whatnot on my iPod.

I’m not even sure what we all did. I was still fighting a cough, but I think it’s finally gone. (And now Drew is sick — poor thing can’t sleep for anything. I wonder if something like a white noise maker would help at all.)

I finished up the bunny hats and now I’m working up the ears. Lord willing, I will have these mailed out by Friday!

I ran out of coffee. I was forced to dip into my “yoinked from hotels” stash. It was rough, but now I have plenty of grounds, and some extra to spare.

It snowed. A couple of times. It finally seems like January now!

I got my free Zoya nail polish (the light purple is Kendal and the green is Dree). These polishes are so nice! I am not sure I can go back to my cheap-o Sally Hansen nail polishes after using these, LOL!

I made a chocolate chip cookie pie that used white beans as the primary ingredient. It was not bad!
white bean cookie pie

And Jake participated in the Webelo’s Eskimo Run held by our local boy Scout Council.

It was freezing and snowing, but I’m so proud of him. Drew said he really kept his complaints at bay, he knew the material he was tasked with studying, and worked well with the rest of the boys. I think he learned a lot about the importance of being a team player and pulling your weight. Hard to believe he has just one more year of Cub Scouts before he bridges over to Boy Scouts!

And now it’s Monday again! Wishing everyone a wonderful week…

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