catching up

Monday already, eh? We had such a busy weekend. Friday night Noah “graduated” from nursery school. The kids were all so adorable in the gowns and caps. Each child answered the same questions Jake did four (!!!) years ago: What do you want to be when you grow up? What’s your favorite food? What’s your favorite color? And what do you like to snuggle with? Noah’s answers: A race car driver, chicken nuggets, red, and Murry the stuffed cat. The potluck dinner afterwards was fantastic — everything was delicious! Drew’s mom and aunt and my parents came up/down for the event, and my parents hung out until Saturday.

Meanwhile, Drew and Jake left for the Cub & Partner camping weekend right from the graduation ceremony. They had a great time and Jake worked on whittling and archery skills. Apparently he was quite good at archery! Yesterday was, of course, Father’s Day. Noah and I drew some Father’s Day greetings on the driveway so Drew would see them as soon as he pulled up. Unfortunately there wasn’t too much relaxing because he had to get everything ready for a business trip. He’ll be back Wed. night. I miss him already! 🙁

As for me, I’ve been trying very hard to stay away from medical websites and just keep things in perspective and remind myself that the odds are in my favor that nothing is terribly wrong. My parents are coming back down on Tuesday night so Dad can watch the boys, and mom can come to my ENT appointment with me. We’ll drop off Laura at Drew’s mom’s, since the specialist is down in her neck of the woods. I’m so anxious for this appointment already. I’m emotionally exhausted thinking about all the “what ifs.” I know that’s not at all productive, but it’s kind of hard to avoid. My poison ivy is slowly going away. I’m not really sure what Prednisone did, but I’ve been off of that for a couple days now and I just have to finish up my antibiotic. Hopefully the “down” ending to spring will lead to a much more positive start to summer! We shall see.


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