Argh! Latley I have been having the worst luck breaking things. I’m a bit klutzy anyway, but in the last couple of weeks I have broken quite a few glasses. Today I broke yet another one! Drew’s mom and aunt came over and after lunch I went to wash the dishes. We have double kitchen sinks and one has the dish strainer and the other the dishes to be washed. Both were pretty full and there was an empty wine glass on the counter and I have no idea how I bumped it, but I did. And *smash* — a sink full of glass shards. Lovely. I did end up getting everything, and amazingly did not get cut, either. But still.

Maybe I should just drink my wine out of plastic tumblers from now on 😉

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  1. Wine out of a plastic tumbler sounds fine to me. 😀

    So glad you didn’t get hurt! Lucas broke a bowl during that MOMS get-together that I had a while back.

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