bows for the big game

Honestly, we are not football fans around here, but I know many people who get really into it. And since not everyone can be in Texas for it (oh, to be sipping iced tea while sitting underneath ceiling fans instead of warming my hands around a cup of tea while sitting in front of the wood stove!), parties are super popular. My friend Anita is probably the biggest Steelers fan I know, so I decided to make a bow for her daughter using the team’s colors. And then I figured I’d make a couple more (and I couldn’t leave out the Packers) and list them in my Etsy shop. Check ’em out:

super bowl-inspired bows

If your team didn’t make it this year, there’s always next year, right? And don’t forget that I take custom orders. If you have a favorite sports team let me know — I can make any kind of bow you want so even the littlest of fans can cheer ’em on!

2 thoughts to “bows for the big game”

  1. I love your bows. I really should get you to make some for Erin, I’m just not sure she’d wear them. She’ll tolerate a ponytail and piggytails, but doesn’t like clips.

    They are stunning, though!

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