boo for allergies

Oh my, the warm weather last week really got my allergies going! Poor Noah is suffering as well. We should buy stock in Benedryl or Claritin or something. (I wonder if the people who work for those companies get Employee Pricing? Maybe I should go into pharmaceuticals!)

Anyway, I have been sneezing up a storm and I hate it. The cooler temperatures this week have helped a little, but I know another round of itchy, watering eyes is just around the corner. Meanwhile, the rest of our family seems spared from this malady, thank goodness. My littlest is a little sniffly, but that might be a cold. It’s hard to tell. I love

Spring, but man I could do without the pollen!

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  1. My daughter woke up with a swollen eye yesterday. She couldn’t even put her contacts in, all from allergies.

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