Bits & Pieces

  • I am so tired today. Unfortunately, my brain isn’t tired, just my body, so my head is swirling with projects I need to/want to work on, but I have no energy to get anything done.
  • Tomorrow I plan on tackling my first sewing project. I played with my sewing machine this weekend, just getting used to it, and I think I’m ready to go!
  • We got a new game for the Wii this weekend – Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz. It’s just fun to say, isn’t it? Since we’ve never had a PS3 or any other video game system, we’re kind of amazed how many games are out there. Hopefully one of the “Super Monkey” mini-games will be easier for Noah to play. Poor kid can’t really do too much on the Wii just yet.
  • I love the early spring weather we’ve had over the last couple days. The screen door is open right now and the fresh air smells so good! Too bad it’s going to get cold again by Friday. Well, maybe (hopefully) it’ll be our last opportunity to fire up the wood stove for the season. (Though I know better — I fully expect the April snow shower we are bound to get.)
  • I’m in such a cooking rut. The fact that everyone has been sick off and on, or travelling, does not help. I got the new Kraft Food & Family magazine in today’s mail. Hopefully that will provide some inspiration!

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  1. We didn’t like that Monkey Ball Game that much. (thank goodness for our awesome library that lends WII games!!) Teagan’s favorite right now is Mario Cart, and she’s getting quite good at it. Argen can’t really manage any of the games at age 3, except for Boxing. That one comes with the system, I think, and he loves it. Have you tried that one for Noah yet?

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