Bad Design

I really hate things that were designed with the right intention, but just don’t deliver on it. Case in point: the bag carousel at Walmart. Does your Walmart have these things? I understand that it makes it easier for the cashier to place items in a bag, spin it to the next ready bag, fill that one, and so on. However, there have been several times when I’m just not fast enough to get all the bags in my cart before she spins it around and there have been many times where I almost forget a bag. Well, this morning the inevitable happened. I drove all the way home and was putting away the groceries and thinking, “Hey, where are those Boca burgers? Hey, where are those new apple-strawberry chips?” I ran out to the Jeep to make sure I brought everything in. I rechecked all the bags. I made sure that Noah didn’t randomly drag a bag into the living room. Nope. They were still at the store. And I wasn’t about to drive 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back to retrieve them. (The cashier probably wouldn’t have even remembered). Frustrating. There has got to be a better system.

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  1. You know, I discovered recently that stores like that actually shuttle your forgotten bags to customer service with a little slip of paper. I forgot a bag full of chocolate at Target before Christmas, and I called before journeying back, and was told, yes, they had the bag and just bring my receipt. They said it happens all the time. I wasn’t about to let my Ghiradelli go!!!

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