back-to-school etsy update

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This week’s update has a red and brown theme — back to school colors, don’t you think? It’s hot as heck here today, but the temperature will be cooling down soon. Remember that you can easily attach these clippies to a crocheted hat to add an extra-special touch! The also clip onto headbands and, of course, directly onto your little girl’s hair.

If you’d like to check them out in further detail, just head to my Etsy shop! Thanks 🙂

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  1. Charity Johnson says:

    Excited abt the bows as we just had our 1st granddaughter born 1 month ago..dreaming of dressing her!
    I’ll keep my eye on your stuff…
    (BTW-I’m a transplanted Catskillian: lots of ties to your area of the world, my mom has been w/ the Catskill Art Society for decades and exhibited her art all over the area-but she does fine arts: watercolors,etc, not crafts.) Son moved to Bay State–North Shore but we raised the family next to WMa (isn’t it called the “Wild West”?)

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