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Another weekend (heck, another week it seems) has flown by! I had a bit of a crazy weekend — had to deal with a few unexpected surprises, but I got through it, no worse for the wear. I’d say that Monday’s here again, but for all intents and purposes it’s over!

Since I’m tired and lazy right now, I thought I could use some writing prompts. The perfect opportunity for Happy Homemaker Monday 🙂

The Weather:::
Ah, it’s typical late-winter around here. Cold and muddy. But at least the sun was shining today. You can definitely tell that spring is coming.

Right now I am:::
Getting ready to make some tea, cut myself a raspberry square, and watch a show. I’m so glad it’s time to wind down for the night.

Honestly, I’ve shut my mind off for the night. We have quite a few things going on this month, and I’m trying to just turn off my mental to-do lists after 7PM.

On my reading pile:::
I have a couple Amish cookbooks I’m borrowing from the library. Guess I’m craving a slower pace right now, LOL!

On my tv:::
Last week I started watching the first season of American Horror Story and WOW! It is so creepy. I love spooky stuff so I’m really enjoying it.

Favorite Blog post this week (mine or other):::
I didn’t have anything starred in my Google reader this week. Honestly I don’t think I had much time to visit many blogs.

Something fun to share:::
I am an auntie again! My brand-new nephew was born last night and we are all so excited to meet him. I also can’t wait to hear how my niece (who is Laura’s age) reacted when she first saw her baby brother. So exciting!

On the menu for this week:::
M: Fiesta chicken, salad, corn, tortilla chips
Tu: Leftover pulled pork, salad, creamy chicken soup
W: Chicken pot pie, salad
Th: Cube steak with mustard sauce, green beans, rice, salad
F: Grilled cheese sandwiches or salad, tomato soup
S: Snacky plates or take-out

On my to do list:::
All the usual stuff…

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Friday I finished a Hello Kitty hat for Laura (post forthcoming…). I’m slowly (oh, so slowly) working on my blanket squares, and I’m eager to get started on a cute baby hat for my new nephew.

Homemaking Tips:::
Dryer sheets are great at removing water spots from your fixtures.

Looking around the house:::
The living room definitely needs some straightening up, but it won’t happen tonight. There’s also just enough wood left for one more fire. I’ve been stingy with it over the last few weeks because we ran low. I guess we just didn’t think it would be such a cold winter! Also, the wood Drew cut burned really fast and that made a difference too.

From the camera:::
march flurries

It seemed like there were snow flurries for the entire weekend. Looking out the window, I thought that the snow and my pussy willow were the perfect illustration of weather at this time of year.

On my prayer list:::
A good online friend who is dealing with some frustrating medical problems
Family & friends

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