Back on the wagon

The SparkPeople bandwagon, that is. If anyone is on there, let me know and I’ll add you as a friend. My goal is to be down 14 pounds by my birthday, and then lose five more pounds between that and January 1st. That would put me at my super-duper goal weight that I haven’t been since Drew and I first met. However, I will be happy enough if I just get down the 14 pounds. I have a feeling this weight loss thing would be a lot easier to do if I could actually fit some exercise in, but I really am at a loss as to how to do that while chasing after my two little monkeys at the same time. If they would wake up at a decent hour (say, 6 AM) I could easily get up half an hour early and do 20 minutes on the treadmill in the morning. Every day I say I’ll walk after they’re in bed but I just don’t have the energy. Other than that I’m just trying to watch what I eat. I don’t know what happened between May and now, but the hot jeans are back in the closet until I get down a few more pounds. Sigh…

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