Baby Update :-)

Wow, today is just flying by! I had an OB appointment this morning, and I got lucky again — no waiting, hooray! I am one of those boring patients that they love. Nothing to report, no real questions to ask. Everything is going along fine. Even my doctor remarked that I look small, but I am measuring on target, so I guess it’s just the way baby girl is curled up in there. She also gave me the official date for my c-section: June 3rd! That is the day after our 8th anniversary. I plan to enjoy a nice, big anniversary dinner the night before, so I won’t be hungry after the point when I have to fast. Actually the no-eating shouldn’t be too bad. She just said no food after midnight, and they usually do the scheduled c-sections first thing in the morning. After my c-section with Noah they let me eat real food right away (best turkey sandwich ever, I swear!), so hopefully the same policy will apply and I won’t be stuck on a liquid diet for a day or so. But we’ll worry about that later.

I had such a great experience last time at this particular hospital, and I hope it will be a repeat performance. I remember thinking that it actually felt like a mini-vacation! The nurses were wonderful, the room was comfortable, and heck – even the hospital food wasn’t bad! Saturday I’ll be 24 weeks along. Crazy! I feel great and have no real complaints. Some back pain here and there and despite the fact that everyone tells me that I don’t even look pregnant (great, so I just look fat? LOL!), some tasks are getting difficult. I noticed that my belly gets in the way when I wash dishes and I literally roll out of bed in the morning. But otherwise, things are pretty uneventful, and for that I am thankful!

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  1. Yes, uneventful can definitely be good! I’m so glad that you have a C-section date and that things are going smoothly. Yes, I remember my breakfast after having Lucas ~ best meal ever!!! 🙂 Tasted delicious! Ahh, you are making me miss that pregnant belly. I loved that. I saw a pregnant lady at the grocery store today and kept staring at her. hehe 🙂 So excited for you … wow, 24 weeks already?!?

  2. I just can’t believe you aren’t have a baby in August lol… but June 3rd was one of my due dates with Lorelei lol… told them I wasn’t going to June lol… and I didn’t… but that is awesome about the no wait… I hate waiting at my docs office… sit forever… lol…

  3. Glad everything is going along smoothly! I’m going in for the glucose test tomorrow. I still haven’t completely decided whether I’m doing vbac or planned C, but I’m leaning towards the C … 30 hours of labor sucked.

  4. Happy to here that everything is going well, your pregnancy is going fast to me. Same for you!?

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