asparagus & ham omelette with goat cheese

asparagus & ham omelette with goat cheese

Laura is going through a phase of testing her independence. At home, it can be frustrating, but relatively easy to handle. Out at the store, however? Notsomuch. My last few grocery shopping trips were real exercises in patience. She refuses to sit in the cart and insists on walking, so you can imagine how much fun it is to push a wobbly grocery carriage with one hand and hold Laura’s hand with the other, all the while convincing her that yes we do indeed have go up the frozen foods aisle.

The only solution was that I had to stop taking her with me. Now, I’m used to going out a couple times a week (mostly just to get out of the house) so now I had to adapt to a new shopping routine, going just once a week. The forced planning has actually been good, and I’ve had to become a little more creative, using what we have on hand. Today’s lunch was the perfect example of what can happen when you realize that your sanity is more important than getting those extra few ingredients.

I had some leftover roasted asparagus, a bit of goat cheese, and of course ham and eggs which are always in my fridge. An omelette sounded like the perfect lunch! (Not to mention full of protein. You can have your creatine supplements; I’ll take eggs.) I threw together a simple salad (complete with homemade croutons!) and drizzled on a bit of my current favorite salad dressing: the Cook’s Illustrated Cobb Salad Dressing. I’m currently obsessed with this one. My friend had us over for lunch last week and made it and I cannot get enough of it. Seriously, I think I could just drink it. But I won’t. Ahem.

Anyway, my point is that I made this healthy, yummy meal and devoured it before I could even possibly have gone out to the store and come back home. Lesson learned.

asparagus & ham omelette with goat cheese

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