Asian chicken soup

Asian chicken soup

I meant to post this yesterday and then promptly forgot about it. Christina, I think you’ll especially like this one. The recipe is from the April 2007 issue of Everyday Food. Ginger, garlic, chicken stock, chili flakes, peapods, scallions, red pepper, chicken, lime juice, whole wheat spaghetti (though you could also use soba noodles). A nice, light soup for the spring. I think it would be equally as good if you used tofu instead of chicken. I added some more chili flakes when I served it because I wanted it a little spicier. The only caveat is that it is best eaten shortly after it’s made. I ate a bowl of leftover soup for lunch today and I really missed the crispness of the vegetables. Just something to keep in mind. I found the entire April issue of EF good, so if you’re interested in the recipe, it’s worth picking up the whole magazine.

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