Apple Picking Perfect


If yesterday wasn’t the perfect day to go apple picking, I don’t think there is one! After CCD for Jake, errands, and lunch we headed over to Greig Farm for some apple picking. We picked Empire, Jona Gold, Gala, Red Delicious, and Macoun apples. We also picked out four pumpkins. I think the boys pretty much ate their weight in apples yesterday! When we got home I made yet another apple crisp because it might be the best fall dessert ever 🙂 It was a picture-perfect day. And now I just have to figure out what to do with 20 pounds of apples! (I see myself making and freezing applesauce in the near future!)

4 thoughts on “Apple Picking Perfect

  1. Lisanne

    Sounds like you guys had lots of fun! I visited our local apple orchard this morning and got some of my favorite honeycrisps! 🙂 I should make an apple crisp soon. We’re thinking about having a bunch of fall foods for Meredith’s first birthday party! 🙂 I also bought some plums to make us a plum tart.

  2. jesser

    Ahh, that’s one of the only things I miss about living in WI … fresh produce … picked at the farm. Here in CO we have to drive hours for this privelege. But at least we have farmers’ markets. Thanks for sharing. Looks like an awesome day.

  3. sarah

    Those look delightful… I’m off to pick next weekend. A restaurant I loved going to served an apple stilton cobbler that was devine with a deep red wine… basically just an abstract crumbling of cobbler with apples and stilton mixed in and baked… served a la mode, it will make you weep for joy.

  4. flygrrl

    Apple picking is one of our fall traditions too, although we haven’t figured out when to do it this year yet! I made ginger applesauce last year, and it was soooooo good warmed up. I froze a lot too.


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