and so that was christmas

DSC_0224 If you celebrate Christmas, I hope yours was wonderful! And if you don’t, I hope you enjoyed a relaxing day with family and friends. Ours was good but… not exactly as I’d expected. Tuesday afternoon I got a call from the school nurse — Jake had been sick in his classroom. The poor boy was mortified. 🙁 And so began a 24-hour stomach virus that then hit me hard on Christmas Eve. Naturally, we canceled our plans to go to my husband’s mother’s house for dinner. Drew started feeling ill during the afternoon, but luckily never got the plague. (Though he’s still suffering with a bad cold.) Christmas morning Noah was sick (though not to the extent that I was). So no one came up to our house, either. (I can’t blame them!)

Nevertheless we managed to have a lovely, though low-key Christmas. Santa must have paid extra close attention to the boys’ lists because they both got quite a few items that they requested. Noah was awash in Trick Tracks and Jake got his zero-gravity car. They both got clothes and lots of books, too. But the biggest surprise came from Mommy & Daddy and not Santa. Noah got his own drum kit and Jake got an electric guitar with an amp! Jake’s been practicing on an acoustic, but the size of this electric is better for him. Drew and Noah will learn the drums together. Drew, of course, jumps at any chance to get another instrument in this house, LOL… Laura obviously didn’t get any of what was going on, but she seemed to think that her new stuffed pig was pretty tasty.

Santa was good to me, too. Last fall I read this NY Times article about the safety of ground beef and became concerned. Well I no longer have to worry because I got the meat grinder attachment for my Kitchen Aid so I can grind my own fresh meats! I was really excited about that. I also got a beautiful mango wood bowl, a candle garden from the kids, lots of chocolate and coffee, a lovely bracelet, an Onion book, and a few other things.

Drew was very happy with his new charging station for his iPhone, iPod, and various other gadgets. (Honestly this was a gift for me, as well — having all that stuff cluttering up the counter was making me nuts.) The other big gift was a GPS.

We stayed in our PJs all day and played with toys and kept it all very low-fi. It was kind of a long day without our family here, but we made the best of it and the boys are looking forward to various visits from everyone during the next couple of weeks. So Christmas will get stretched out a bit.

Hopefully we’ll all feel better for New Year’s Day and can start 2010 on a much healthier note!


  1. Lisanne says:

    I wish that I had known about the meat grinder thing. We have one and haven’t used it ~ EVER! You could have had ours! Maybe I’ll give it away on Freecycle. Hopefully someone would want it. I’m *SO* sorry that you guys were ill on Christmas. That sucks. 🙁 I got sick a couple times in front of classmates when I was in school, and it *IS* mortifying. (But you know about my anxiety disorder.) Poor guy. 🙁 It seems like when you get it, you REALLY get it! I hope that everyone is much better now. I’m looking forward to 2010 starting!

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