An Amazing Night

I am still just blown away by last night’s election. Unbelievable — just absolutely amazing. I am so excited that I was here to witness this bit of history. I’d been watching the election results roll in since 6 and had taken a catnap on the couch. About 10:50 Drew suggested we go to bed, but I thought since it was so close to 11, I wanted to wait a bit. I am so glad I did. When they declared Barack Obama the president-elect, I couldn’t help but get a little teary-eyed. Partly because I was so relieved that the American people didn’t fail us this time, but also because it was a defining moment in our country’s history and that is really exciting!

I felt bad for John McCain making his concession speech, mostly because I felt a lot of his supporters were being disrespectful. It’s not just the “boo-ing” of the next president that I found distasteful, but also (and perhaps mostly), the chants of “We love Sarah!” and “Palin 2012!” That moment was NOT about Sarah Palin. It was about Sen. John McCain and he deserved the respect of an audience that was focussing on him, the presidential candidate. It was really upsetting to me.

I know not everyone agrees with Obama’s politics or even likes him, but I just hope that some of the ignorance and intolerance that we’ve heard over the past couple of weeks will dissipate. And I hope that even those people who don’t support him will at least appreciate the cultural significance of his election.

As for myself, I am thrilled and for the first time in many years, I have a positive and hopeful feeling about our country!


  1. Cheryl says:

    Carol, I agree about the speech last night. Even though I wasn’t an Obama supporter, it is appalling to me that people are so disrespectful, both to McCain during his concession speech, and to our president-elect. I also don’t like the gloating “we told you so, you McCain idiots” that I’m seeing all over the net this morning from O’s supporters. It’s time for all of us to come together now and support our new president and country!

  2. jesser says:

    I am glad that our country has progressed enough in the right direction to elect a black man. I know we’re not all the way there, but I do think it’s heartening. While I am glad to be done with W in any case, my skepticism keeps me from being wholly believing in any candidate. They all promise a heck of a lot (including no more or even less taxes). I hope Obama’s ardent supporters will hold him to his promises and that he is the man they believe him to be. The best case scenario is that he truly is worthy of everyone’s admiration and praise and lives up to it (GW has not). I really see his “inexperience” as a good thing in that he probably hasn’t had time to become super jaded and/or owe too much to too many people, but I do hope he finds some people with some seriously good perspective on the areas he’s weaker in to be in his cabinet and advise him. And darn I’m glad it’s over … hehe.

  3. Lisanne says:

    I’m just SO excited that our country has elected its first African-American president. I got teary last night, too. I stayed up until 11, and boy am I glad that I did! I woke up this morning feeling SO hopeful and energized. Thrilled for them!!!

  4. Dana says:

    I agree, the crowd was totally disrespectful. However, like Cheryl, I’m disgusted by O followers who have been so ugly about McCain and are “smearing” it today. McCain is a good man and would have been a good President, but obviously America wanted a different change. I am accepting that. That’s why it’s so great we live in America! We DO get to decide.

    We need to UNITE and support our President. I pray he takes our country in the right direction.

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