Amusing Spam

I’d love to know who writes spam — you know, the junk you get a million times a day in your e-mail? Seems the most popular topics are weight loss pills and erectile dysfunction treatments, but I have also noticed quite a few cheap gas scams lately. I haven’t gotten too many where the body of the e-mail seems to contain a bizarre attempt at a first novel. That was pretty popular for a while. If nothing else, a lot of the subject lines give me a good laugh.

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  1. I know someone who actually uses names in the “From” field of spam e-mails as names for her novel characters! hehe 🙂 What a great idea. It’s so weird to me that I’ll get spam e-mails with first or last names of people who I actually know. Or I’ll get an e-mail that deals with a topic that I might have e-mailed someone about a while back or even blogged about. That REALLY irritates me.

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