ah, the weekend

We’re having a lazy Friday night here. I’m still tinkering around with this new blog layout, trying to get things just right. I’m not quite sure why I bother — doesn’t everyone use a feed reader these days? I know I do. But it’s still fun to play around with new headers, and it’s equally frustrating when I can’t get things to align just right.

We went from having no weekend plans to having it fully booked up in a matter of minutes today. Jake was invited to have a playdate at his friend’s house tomorrow and then sleep over. We’re supposed to meet up after the town’s Easter egg hunt. To keep Noah from getting upset, Drew suggested another “camp out” in the den while Jake is away. We’ll probably also take the little guy out to dinner. When I was driving around the other day I was sad to see that the closest Arby’s had gone out of business. Drew loves Arby’s and it was a welcome change from the standard burger joints. Once I think he might have even checked out their franchise affiliate program, just out of curiosity. But I guess they couldn’t compete with the dozens of other nearby chains. At any rate, I have no idea if we’ll eat somewhere or just get take-out.

Sunday Drew’s mom and aunt are coming up for a visit. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them, and I know they are dying to peek at Laura’s first tooth. The boys are on spring break this week and they don’t know it (yet) but they’ll be having a couple overnights with my parents. Maybe I’ll think of something interesting to do with them on the other days. Too bad the weather won’t be as beautiful as last weekend. Then again, at least it will be nicer today. Tonight’s low is 11 degrees! I have the wood stove roaring right now and a quilt next to the chair in Laura’s room. Getting up five times a night is bad enough; I don’t need to freeze while I’m at it.

I hope you have some fun things to do this weekend, as well!

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