a “yay” moment

I gained a few pounds on our vacation at the beginning of March and I’ve been trying to whittle them off, as well as those last few pounds that are keeping me from my goal weight. And while the scale hasn’t really tilted heavily the way I want it to (a little, but it could go down a little more, a little faster – heh), seems I must be doing something right because I bought new jeans on Friday, and they are a size smaller than I’ve bought in a long time! Oddly enough, I also had to buy the “short” length because the “medium” length was really long! Anyway, I’m just happy for my progress. I’m lucky I don’t need to rely on weight loss products to get there. I know how hard it is to lose weight, especially when you can’t easily make time to put yourself first and work out like we all know we should.

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